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The Artistry in Moving
Art and Antiques

Keeping fine art and antiques in good shape during a move is not an easy task. It takes not only a delicate touch and knowledge of the pieces but also specialized techniques for their protection and transportation. Our professional antiques and art movers have both the knowledge and expertise to handle your valuable pieces, ensuring they’re given the attention they deserve.

With more than a decade of industry experience, our methods have been constantly refined and perfected. Our successful track record in the field of art and antiques moving attests to our commitment to this delicate endeavor. When you entrust us with your prized possessions, you can be confident they’re in the safest of hands.

Handling Art and Antiques with Respect and Care

Antiques & Fine Art Moving Process:
From Canvas to Destination

Antique furniture and Art movers

Artwork Assessment:

Our process starts with an in-depth assessment of your artwork. Our professional movers meticulously examine each piece, noting its size, medium, condition, and any specific care instructions. This step allows us to fully understand your art’s unique needs and prepare the appropriate moving strategy.

Based on the initial assessment, we then craft a personalized moving plan. We strategize the logistics, considering elements like route, timing, and climate conditions to ensure an optimal environment for your artwork during transit.

Crafting a Tailored Moving Plan:

Secure Packing:

Each artwork requires specific packing techniques and materials to ensure its safety. Whether it’s using custom-built crates for sculptures, acid-free tissue for oil paintings, or cushioned boxes for delicate ceramics, we utilize the highest quality materials to protect your artwork. Our expert team handles each piece with the utmost care, ensuring it’s securely packed and ready for the journey.

We place the safety of your art above all else. We’ve meticulously designed our transportation process to cater to the delicate nature of art pieces. Our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, and our drivers are highly trained in the unique handling that art transportation demands. They understand the need to minimize vibrations and are well-versed in navigating through various road conditions in Manhattan and other boroughs, ensuring that your precious artwork is kept secure and arrives at its destination unscathed.

Art-Safe Transportation:

Unpacking and Placement:

Upon reaching the destination, the unpacking process is undertaken with the same care and precision as packing. We carefully remove the protective materials and assist in placing the art in its new location, following your instructions to ensure each piece is presented to its best advantage.

After the unpacking and placement, we conduct a post-move check, ensuring each artwork is in its pristine condition. We value your feedback and use it to continually refine our services.

Post-Move Check:

Customer Testimonials and Reviews
The Voices of Trust

Nothing speaks louder than the words of our satisfied clients. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned us numerous positive reviews. Our clients appreciate our professionalism, attention to detail, and the care with which we handle their valuable art pieces.

Ilaria O.
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These guys are the best! Of all the moving company I have hired in years of frequent changes of house and studio, they have been the most professional and the nicest people to work with. I had to move my art studio which included very delicate and big art pieces. They couldn't fit in any elevator and had to be carried on the stairs. I was stressed and worried about this but they made it look like an easy job. They have also been very fast, punctual and reliable. In my experience of moving there has always been something going wrong, some small piece breaking or missing. This was the first time everything went just perfect.
Nargus H.
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I had a large art exhibition opening, and as an independent artist, did not have a grand budget to get professional "fine art" movers. The guys from Dyno Moving were super nice, professional, and careful. They understood how fragile the art was and handled it with extreme care. I was very nervous as I usually move my art myself with the help of some trusted family but as the show was on a Thursday, I had to get outside help. Everything was loaded in and out perfectly and I am so happy I chose Dyno. Will def be back when I have my next show. 100% recommended.
Pat M.
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I thought the guys were terrific. Very professional and efficient. I highly recommend their services. They moved some of my furniture and art from a NY office to CT residence.

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