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Moving Box Delivery in NYC


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Moving Box Delivery
Your Key to a Hassle-Free Move

Your possessions deserve the best protection, and our brand-new moving boxes are just the ticket. But we don’t stop at boxes. When you opt for our moving box delivery moving services bundle that accompanies our moving services, you also get a host of other moving supplies for free. We’ll provide you with everything you need: moving tape, moving blankets, bubble rolls, packing paper, mattress covers, and stretch wrap.

Think of it as your all-in-one packing station delivered right to your doorstep in NYC. Our moving boxes and supplies are not just durable but also thoughtfully designed to accommodate a range of household items. With our moving box delivery service, you’re not just getting boxes – you’re getting peace of mind.

Moving Boxes Guide

Book Box

12” x 12.5” x 17”
Up to 65 lbs

Small Linen Box

16” x 16” x 18”
Up to 50 lbs

Large Linen Box

20” x 20” x 18”
Up to 70 lbs

China / Dish Box

18” x 18” x 28”
Up to 65 lbs

Wardrobe Box

21” x 18” x 46”
Up to 80 lbs

Estimating Your Moving Box Needs

Not sure how many boxes you need for your move? As a rule of thumb, the following estimates can guide you: