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Moving to New Jersey from NYC: The Comprehensive Guide

New York City offers a vibrant lifestyle and endless opportunities. But for many, the high cost and frenetic pace have led to thoughts of relocation. An increasing trend is the migration from NYC to the more relaxed and affordable terrains of New Jersey. This article will offer you:

  • An understanding of why people are leaving NYC
  • A look at the benefits of moving to NJ
  • Tips for the relocation process
  • Highlights of the most popular cities in New Jersey
  • Why you should consider Dyno Moving for your move

Reasons for Leaving NYC

The High Cost of Living

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The exorbitant rent for an average apartment can easily get you a luxurious one in NJ. For many, this cost differential is a compelling reason to consider moving to New Jersey from NYC.

Crowded and Stressful Environment

Crowded and Stressful Environment in NYC

NYC can be overwhelming, thanks to its crowds and constant activity. It may be “the city that never sleeps,” but sometimes you need a good night’s sleep to be productive the next day.

Value Proposition of Living in NJ

In contrast, New Jersey offers a value proposition that’s hard to beat. With what you’re paying for an ordinary apartment in NYC, you can get a home with more rooms, maybe even a yard.

Benefits of Moving from NYC to NJ

Cheaper Housing

New Jersey offers affordable housing options compared to NYC. For example, a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan could cost you upwards of $4,000 a month. But in NJ, you might find something similar or even better for half that price.

Convenient Commute

Despite being in another state, many parts of New Jersey are remarkably close to New York City. With convenient trains and ferries, commuting back and forth for work is feasible. Long-distance moving isn’t as long as you might think.

Affordable Driving and Parking

Forget about the nightmare of finding parking in NYC. In New Jersey, many homes come with their own driveways or garages, and street parking is often free or much cheaper.

The Serenity of Nature

New Jersey, fondly referred to as the Garden State, is replete with natural havens. A stark contrast to NYC’s urban jungle, here you’ll find expansive state parks like the Liberty State Park or the High Point State Park. These green spaces provide residents with the perfect getaway to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature.

Tranquil Beaches

Tranquil Beaches in New Jersey

The Jersey Shore, stretching over 130 miles, offers an array of beaches, from the lively vibes of Atlantic City to the quiet shores of Cape May. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, surf, or simply enjoy a sunset walk, there’s a strip of sand waiting for you. This coastal charm is something most New Yorkers crave, especially during the hot summer months.

Quieter Suburban Life

The suburban neighborhoods of New Jersey, such as Princeton, Montclair, and Ridgewood, exude a quaint charm. These communities often boast tree-lined streets, spacious backyards, and a strong sense of community. Here, kids can often be found playing outside, and neighbors know each other by name.

Lower Sales Tax

One of the most immediate benefits you’ll notice when shopping in New Jersey is the reduced sales tax. As of my last update, New Jersey has a state sales tax rate of 6.625%, which is notably lower than NYC’s combined sales tax rate. This difference might seem minimal on smaller purchases but can translate to significant savings on larger buys like appliances, electronics, or furniture.

Property Tax Homestead Benefits

For homeowners, New Jersey offers the Homestead Benefit program. Eligible homeowners can get a rebate or credit on their property taxes based on their New Jersey gross income. This benefit can offset some of the higher property taxes in the state.

No Tax on Clothing

tax free shopping in New Jersey

While NYC residents are used to paying tax on clothing items over $110, New Jersey offers a sweet deal: no sales tax on most clothing and footwear. This can lead to considerable savings for families or fashion enthusiasts.

Estate and Inheritance Tax Changes

Over recent years, New Jersey has made significant changes to its estate tax and inheritance tax laws, making it more favorable for retirees and individuals planning their estates. Understanding these can lead to better financial planning for your future.

Relocation Process

Choosing a Reputable Moving Company

When moving to New Jersey from NYC, it’s crucial to pick a reputable moving company like Dyno Residential Movers. They have years of experience and offer top-notch services to make your move smooth.

Factors Determining Moving Costs

The costs of moving can vary greatly depending on the distance, the amount of stuff you have, and the services you choose. Make sure to read our essential packing tips to better prepare for the move.

Average Cost of Moving from NYC to NJ

The average cost could be anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. Planning ahead and understanding these costs are crucial for a stress-free move.

Most Popular Cities and Towns in NJ to Consider

Jersey City

Jersey City

Just across the Hudson, Jersey City offers proximity to NYC. It’s renowned for its stunning skyline views and the Liberty Science Center, which attracts families and science enthusiasts. The town has a burgeoning arts scene and hosts numerous festivals throughout the year, making it a hub of culture and activity while still maintaining a more relaxed atmosphere compared to its NYC counterpart.


As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark is rich in history and opportunity. It’s home to several institutions of higher learning like Rutgers and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Cultural landmarks such as the Newark Museum and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center add to the city’s appeal. Its diverse culinary scene, with an abundance of Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish restaurants, makes Newark a haven for foodies.


Paterson is often dubbed the “Silk City” for its role in silk production during the 19th century. Known for its affordability, this city offers the majestic beauty of the Great Falls and has a rich cultural diversity. Paterson is also home to numerous historic districts and a thriving arts scene, making it an intriguing blend of the old and new.


Located on the Hudson Waterfront, Hoboken is famed as the birthplace of Frank Sinatra. With its brownstone-lined streets and cozy eateries, it’s a popular choice for those seeking a small-town vibe with quick access to Manhattan. The town offers riverside parks with NYC skyline views, and its Washington Street buzzes with cafes, boutiques, and bars.


Montclair NJ

Montclair is a go-to destination for those valuing arts, culture, and education. Home to Montclair State University, the town also boasts art galleries, theaters, and a film festival. Its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a variety of dining options give it a unique charm that many relocators find attractive.


Known worldwide for its prestigious Princeton University, Princeton exudes an academic and cultural ambiance. With its historic homes, lush gardens, and the renowned Princeton University Art Museum, it’s an epicenter of history and culture. Moreover, Nassau Street, the town’s main artery, is lined with chic boutiques, bookstores, and diverse eateries.


Historic Morristown offers a perfect blend of past and present. It played a significant role during the American Revolution and now hosts modern amenities like theaters, galleries, and gourmet restaurants. With its green spaces, including the famous Morristown National Historical Park, it’s a haven for nature lovers and history buffs alike.

Why Choose DyNo Moving?

Unparalleled Experience

With years of experience under their belt, Dyno Moving has handled a myriad of long-distance relocation scenarios. Whether you’re moving a studio apartment or a multi-story residence, their team has the expertise to ensure a seamless transition.

Customized Solutions

Moving to New Jersey from NYC with Dyno Moving

Understanding that each move is unique, Dyno Moving offers tailored solutions to fit your specific needs. From residential relocations to specialized art moving services, they prioritize the safety and security of your belongings. Moving team consults with clients to understand their requirements fully and then proposes solutions that are both effective and economical.

Transparent Pricing

No one likes hidden fees or unexpected costs. At Dyno Moving, we believe in complete transparency. After a comprehensive assessment of moving to New Jersey from NYC, we provide clients with an upfront quote, ensuring there are no surprises during the billing process. This focus on transparent pricing guarantees value for money and fosters trust.

Professional and Courteous Team

Every member of the DyNo Moving team is trained to prioritize the client’s needs. Their professional and courteous approach ensures that not only are your belongings handled with utmost care, but you also receive top-notch customer service throughout the moving journey.

Choosing Dyno Moving means opting for reliability, professionalism, and peace of mind. Entrust your move to them and experience a relocation process that’s smooth, efficient, and tailored to your requirements.


Moving to New Jersey from NYC can be a life-changing decision, but it’s one that many are finding to be incredibly rewarding. From the cheaper cost of living to the peaceful environment, the benefits are numerous. Make your move as seamless as possible by planning wisely and choosing the right resources, like Dyno Moving, to get you to your new Garden State home.
Happy Moving!

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